Job Descriptions

Senior Data Engineer JD

Senior Data Engineer– Customer Data Platform
The Opportunity
We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to assist with the development of its Customer Data Platform (CDP). CDP enables existing entities and clients to leverage our data in the most efficient, scalable, and optimal manner to drive growth and offer new capabilities. In the development of the platform, the Senior Data Engineer ultimately becomes an expert in understanding customer behaviors and preferences and how that informs marketing strategies.
Your contributions ensure that customer data gathered through products and services is organized, secured, and available in a central space so that other applications, customers, and coworkers can request and access business information, segment users by their preferences, and ultimately design experiences that resonate with varying audiences. This work assists in the Digital transformation which is seen as crucial to its ongoing success.
Though most of us call NYC home, you can work from anywhere in the United States.
Who You Are
• You have 4+ years of experience as a data engineer or backend software engineer.
• You have a deep knowledge of data management fundamentals, data storage principles, and the use of distributed systems for storage and computing.
• You’ve worked as a technical lead or architect for a large cross functional project, demonstrating the ability to solve complex problems with elegant solutions.
• You’re experienced operating a production system supporting a $100M+ business
Technical Skills
• You have experience building and maintaining distributed data pipelines and integrating with multiple data sources and destinations
• You have developed end to end machine learning data pipelines from data extraction -> data munging -> modeling -> deployment
• You have a command of various programming languages to collect and manipulate data such as SQL, Python, and Scala.
• You have worked with a variety of cloud and data solutions such as AWS / Azure / Google Cloud, SalesForce, SnowFlake, SnowPlow, Kafka,, DBT, DataBricks, Trifecta, Hadoop, Spark, and Airflow.
• You have experience working with marketing technologies (Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter etc.) and email serving platforms (AutoPilot, Pardot, Zendesk etc.)
What You’ll Do
• Develop and maintain modern, fault tolerant, horizontally scalable, and modular data pipelines that supply Snowflake and other systems with data, ensuring it is efficiently stored with the highest levels of governance and security principles, enhancing these resources for coworkers.
• Accurately estimate, scope, and resource data engineering projects.
• Identify opportunities to simplify workflows, automate tasks, and build components that are reusable across multiple use-cases and products.
• Write design documents to explain architecture choices and trade-offs and develop a culture of peer review and feedback.
• Build both vertically and horizontally scalable systems that can support multiple use cases across a wide range of business applications and integrate with a wide range of consumer applications, advertising and marketing campaign deployment systems, email and SMS/ text campaign execution systems, customer relationship management systems, event ticketing and financial systems, and machine learning development and deployment systems.
• Be a thought leader and partner to your cross functional stakeholders as well as to your leadership team.
About the Division and Team
Customer Data Platform (CDP), a team within Digital, is made up of analysts, data scientists, data engineers, marketers, and product managers. We collaborate to build cutting-edge data products with a focus on reliability, accuracy, and quality. We’re looking for people who are excited to build on our practice of delivering actionable insights.
About the Company
We are a global entertainment, sports and content company, home to the world’s most dynamic and engaging storytellers, brands, live events and experiences. The company is comprised of industry leaders including entertainment agency; sports, fashion, events and media company; and premier sports organization. The network specializes in talent representation; marketing and licensing; content development, distribution, and sales; event management; and a number of direct-to-consumer offerings.