Who we are

Great, Conversant, Adaptive…
It’s Who We Are in Evolving HRTech

How we started founding bowmo™

bowmo™ began when the company founders met over lunch and discussed how they would leverage technology to bring an evolution to the recruiting and staffing industry. They realized that recruiters in companies and agencies all had millions of résumés to search and less opportunity to engage with their clients and the right candidates. They sat and drafted the blueprint for bowmo™ technology on several napkins. The blueprint included how they would service hiring managers/client, the candidate, and the recruiter.

The Evolution

bowmo™, Inc. is providing an intelligent software solution for the staffing and recruiting industry that seamlessly integrates into existing ATS – applicant tracking systems. The company helps to revive the recruiter’s human touch and evolve the candidate sourcing process. bowmo™, Inc. embraces the challenges of the recruiter by providing the means to quicker, more efficient, and conversant candidate sourcing. Time spent searching and time to hire drops dramatically, freeing the recruiter up to engage more clients and business partners in growing their businesses with the very best matched candidates.

Our Leadership

Eddie Aizman

CEO, Co-Founder
Accomplished staffing and recruiting professional with 18+ years experience in recruiting, sales, management, business development, and marketing. Clients include JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, and others.

Michael E. Lakshin

Chairman & President
Seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur with more than 28 years of start-up and senior business management experience. Participated in launching and developing various business ventures and overseeing multiple IPOs in the U.S. and internationally. Designed and managed more than 50 marketing/advertising and IR campaigns for various companies across multiple industries worldwide. Holds Executive MBA from Rutgers Business School.

Brian Enochson

Chief Technology Officer
Technology thought leader with comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in implementing complex large-scale software platforms at Time Warner/HBO, AT&T, Citigroup, SRA, and others. Has taught computer science at many schools, including George Mason University.

Michael Neece

Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Product Officer
Michael is a business and talent acquisition executive at Fortune 100 companies and has founded seven technology-enabled SaaS start-ups. He is a national financial media TEDx speaker; and has given keynote presentations at Columbia, Stanford, and MIT. He holds degrees in physics and engineering.

Jay Cury

Chief People Officer
Jay brings 13 years in traditional recruiting and talent acquisition expertise. He is a technological leader serving to modernize recruiting processes by redesigning talent acquisition to fit business initiatives. As an entrepreneur, he built three profitable start-ups and served in talent acquisition advisory roles for multiple international companies.

Keith Carlson

Chief Information Officer
Experienced technology executive with extensive experience in helping organizations develop cutting edge technology solutions for complex problems, bringing a pragmatic, action-oriented approach to all issues he faces. Led projects in the use of AI in complex situations including STEM education and public health in the US and internationally.

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