Why bowmo

Why bowmo™

bowmo™ is the smartest candidate-matching platform powered by the latest AI technology.

Why bowmo™

bowmo™ is HRTech Made by Recruiters for Recruiters. The bowmo™ V-RPO is a combination of proprietary AI-based technology for a do-it-yourself sourcing experience, matching candidates to jobs from 200 million potential candidates without having to use keyword searches or Boolean strings. The bowmo™ V-RPO automates the process with its AI-based matching engine and then provides industry-superior tools such as video interviewing and cultural and technical assessments so that customers can vet their candidates.

Find Qualified Candidates Faster

With the bowmo™ AI-driven platform at the core performing the matching and sourcing, bowmo™ can reinvent how businesses find talent and provide a quality on-demand experience like no other competitors within this space.

Better Use of Existing Data

By using the bowmo™ AI technology, recruiters will be in complete control of their existing ATS data and will be able to improve precision and timing for talent acquisition, job sourcing, and candidate engagement.

Recruiting on your team

Technology-enabled recruiting! No job-board postings required! bowmo™ finds candidates and shares them with customers in real time!

Less Recruiting, More Connecting

The smartest candidate-matching technology: Upload your job, and match from more than 200M candidates in real time!

Success Stories

“I was amazed by the bowmo V-RPO platform! It was able to match some awesome candidates for my company, and aside from that, I received absolutely undivided personalized attention from Eddie and Crystal who have been there all the way throughout the process for me, facilitating my successful communication with new and prospective candidates. I highly recommend their awesome services for both sides of the employment market – job seekers and employers!”

Alexander Zak
Founder and CEO,
Domains Alliance Web / Consulting Services

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